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Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis

Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis, Many who immediately fell in love at the sight presented by PT Yamaha Byson YMKI. The fan motor sport type directly assume that the design and appearance of this is the best at this time. For Rudi Tanumihardjo it is true, but not yet perfect. "Hence, in view of the body, feel the need to do a little correction," opened.
Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis

Corrections had meant more to cover the shortage in the region Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis  below. "Because with a big tank but the underlying impression left empty because the only machine that is not too big," he added.

If all this a few workshops already made engine cover then it is also done. "But not only that because we made a side cover on the right and left," added the tall skinny guy this. Side cover is successfully making the area around the machine looks to be more full.

For the installation of several body parts, of course, Rudi averse if the frame or body must destroy the original. "The system is very easy really, knock down and ready to be returned to the standard view," beber this friendly guy.
Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis

This of course raises the impression of a better harmonization. "There is a continuity of design between the shape of the tank and the bottom, I believe touches like this make Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis will be more character," added the father of two children.

All of the extra body was made from fiber, so it is not too heavy. "But there's much less effect on the weight of the motor, so I fear this to be added Shining Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis aja performance," the story of Rudi again.

Therefore, he chooses his replacement CDI. "I chose CDI limiternya not exist, so the performance would be more satisfying," he added.
 Not quite got there, the coil was now not the original again. "For the coil seems more stable after a Scorpio that have replaced the type code 5BP," tukasnya.Dengan ignition upgrade like that, no less fresh and lively on the road with motor thinner.
Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis


There is one other thing that became the dream of the watchman has not launched Byson time. Namely the use of disc brakes at the rear wheels. But not even exist. "If it feels Cupu disc wear baseball behind," said Rudi.

Having observed closely, finally believed it is more suitable when using the rear brake New Mega Pro.

"The dimensions piringannya not so large that still looks reasonable, but it can also adjust for bracket," the story of this clean-skinned man.

That said, Rudi use copotan from New Mega Pro is a log. Starting from the master brake, bracket, caliper up to the plate. One package, dong!
Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis

Currently there is no significant installation. "Just need a little coak body down to the position of the rear brake master," the story.

Kelar tried and proved to be a more sip arose also the idea to market. "I'm sure many Byson users who want to use the disc in the back, but I still research the price," chortled Rudi. In the end money is also

DATA MODIFICATION : Yamaha Byson 2011 : Simple Minimalis
Body Part: Custom
Head lamp: Custom projector
CDI: Cheetah
Coils: Scorpio
 Rudi: 0816-7755-27

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